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Client Testimonials

Edwina Hutton-Potts

"I am very fortunate to have Elka work with my team of horses for the last 7 years and cannot express enough the imperative role she has played in the health and wellbeing of my horses in this time. I have greatly enjoyed working alongside Elka in my equine journey! Particularly when a new horse joins the team and I am able to see and feel the improvement in their bodies as Elka works her magic. Elka always goes above and beyond the call of duty as her passion for her work and love of horses takes precedence and my horses and I are extremely grateful."

Ali Soster, Robali Equestrian, Level 2 Dressage Coach

"Elka has been treating our horses for about 8 years now and her contribution to the success of our team of horses is immeasurable!! Thank you for all you do."

Robbie Mckinnon, FEI dressage rider, Mckinnon Sport Horses

"We have been a long time client of Elka Fischer and her Equine Performance and Wellbeing.

Elka is an absolute asset in our team to produce successful horses. They are athletes, and all athletes require muscle management to prevent injury. Elka’s treatments identify areas of muscle soreness, tightness and tension and her magic hands, red light therapy and attention to detail always help our horses produce their best work.

I cannot recommend Elka’s services highly enough. She is always so helpful, the horses just adore her and the real reward is how well the horses perform after her regular treatments. I can feel the difference! Thank you Elka for all you do for my horses!"

Mikaela Maisano

"Elka has been treating my horses for the last four years now, over which time I have had some different horses. I found improvement with them within a day of treatment and after a few regular appointments a huge change in both body shape and temperament. When horses aren’t sore they will do just about anything for you and with Elka’s help they all do. My current horse Rosco has been the one that has improved the most and in such a short time. He has totally changed in body shape, muscle development and he is also so much happier in his work and just tries his heart out all the time. I attribute a lot of this to regular bodywork sessions.


Coupled with good horsemanship/training and nutrition, Elka is an integral part of my horses’ wellbeing, development and education."

Maddy Reisner

"We have been using Elka for a number of years, largely on our ridden/competition horses but also on our youngsters before they are started under saddle. We have had excellent results from Elka's treatments, she keeps the horses feeling well and performing to a high level. One of our mares is very sensitive and very reactive to pain/discomfort. After Elka has treated her, there is an immediate change in her demeanour and comfort level. She would definitely not be performing as well as she is if it wasn't for her treatments with Elka!"

Katherine (Kate) Parr

Elka has been treating my horses for over ten years now and I can honestly say that I would not have been as successful competing without her help.  Regular treatments have picked up niggles and muscle issues that ensure my horses have been kept sound, happy and willing partners.  My young horse has been treated regularly since I bought her at 18 months old and after a treatment she is so soft, willing and forward the benefits are obvious.  She was a bit of a gangly, awkward looking filly and now as a rising 5 year old she is incredibly balanced to ride and her muscle development has her looking very well-proportioned. I owe much of this to the regular treatments from Elka. 

Lucy Longmire (Trainer, Goulburn)

"When Exceed and Exalt arrived, his racing career was uncertain, he had potential. Incorporating Elka's work into his program has been a major factor in his ongoing soundness and success. Elka's work is a necessity for my stable, we are very grateful to have her on our team. Salty is proof that many Thoroughbreds are not performing well, simply due to soft tissue issues. I am so proud of "my" Thoroughbreds successfully returning to racing after JENT and with regular care performing well for many years."

Jane Gordon and "Tuscany"

"After 2 years of chronic low level unevenness when ridden and one year in the paddock I had almost given up hope. Elka has really helped his top line to develop and with JENT has addressed the fascial (connective tissue) problems, allowing her to identify the sub clinical issues, which had not been identified. His shape has really changed and he has been moving more freely and has been in regular work again."

Mark & Sally Williams

"Elka has been working wonders with our two young competitive show horses. Within two treatments our pony's gait opened noticeably and she has become more free in front. Our large stock horse is moving more fluidly and his treatments are greatly benefiting his shoulders and assisting his joint mobility. Our horses love an Elka session and shall continue to benefit from her treatments as they develop and mature. Not only do they enjoy a session of deep tissue manipulation, you can see the benefits as they move across the arena!"

Alysum Doak (Hall, ACT)

"Our family competes horses in multiple disciplines from local to National level. Around 15 years ago I began using JENT to supplement their overall wellbeing. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in ensuring a horses comfort leading to improved saddle fit, gymnastic ability and performance. I have never had a horse that did not benefit and improve from JENT."

Genevieve Fischer and "Ghostie"

"Thank you so much for coming at a moments notice to help Ghostie with his pain. He feels much better.. Very much appreciated."

Ashleigh Smith and "Testabolt (Hugo)"

"Testabolt, my 5 year old TB gelding came to me with many problems. He was cold backed, would hardly trot and would not canter at all, even in the paddock he would prefer to walk. After Elka's first 2 JENT sessions his true paces started to show, his canter is beautiful and his trot extensions are amazing. He started changing posture and muscle tone almost immediately. Testabolt has now competed a several shows and has regularly placed in strong competition."

Kristie Wright, Hartfield Endurance

"My gorgeous WL Affaire is back on track & in training for wingello. Thanks to Elka Fischer for all her wonderful work on my horses yet again, cannot believe the change in Affaire's posture & attitude."

Megz, Endurance Horse

Meggz was purchased as a 7 year old. He had spent a few years as a paddock ornament and when my client started to work him she found him to be very uncomfortable, as well as being very girthy, flighty and nervous. He would also buck very badly in hand after being saddled, but never bucked once mounted. After the first JENT session he was much more relaxed, he started to use his body differently. Once he returned to ridden work after the second session, he was happy to be saddled, starting using himself much better, he was, in my client's words, "turning into an athlete". Meggz has now been sold to an endurance stable in Dubai and is competing successfully overseas.

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