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equine performance and wellbeing
Why is working with fascia so important?

Fascial release addresses issues that otherwise will only be relieved, including restrictions caused in paddock incidents.

  • It prevents the ridden horse from performing to its full ability.

  • It stops foals and young horses from growing well and thriving.

  • It makes the starting-under-saddle process and initial training much more difficult.


Most soft tissue injures do not make the horse lame instead the ridden horse


  • Becomes unwilling in its work;

  • Changes behaviour;

  • Shows gait abnormalities; 

  • is just “not right”.

Appointments for body work therapy, saddle-fit and assessment sessions are available in the following areas of New South Wales:

  • Nowra & NSW South Coast

  • Canberra (and surrounding areas)

  • Goulburn

  • Southern Highlands

  • Yass

Elka Fischer of Equine Performance & Wellbeing is the only practitioner who offers several techniques to release fascia including Myofascial Release, Fascial Manipulation by Stecco, JENT as well as Photonic Red-Light Therapy, Equine Massage and Saddle Fit Assessment.

Equine Body Work and JENT Therapist

Our Mission​

To help all horses perform to the best of their ability, whatever the discipline, and to improve all horses' health and general wellbeing.

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St Emilion (right) on his way to winning over 2100 m in Orange, NSW (2014). Photo courtesy of Central Western Daily.

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